Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My TMC Take-Aways

I found TMC15 much less overwhelming than previous ones in terms of information overload. I think that was at least partly due to the fact that I came in with a more limited goal and was, therefore, in a better position to filter all of the great ideas that were coming at me. My central goal was to make connections with other middle school teachers to expand my circle of go-to amazing people for ideas and advice. I definitely managed to accomplish that.

Take Away #1 - Zombie Apocalypse

Hedge had warned me that her and John were taking a risk in their approach and that I would either love it or hate it. Well, I definitely loved it! I am not necessarily a fan of the whole Zombie genre so I was lucky to have Laurie on my team. She was ultimately the victor in the week's activities so she knows her stuff. We were put into teams of four. I also had Timon and Lisa on my team. We were then guided through a series of activities based on the premise that a meteor had struck Los Angeles resulting in an outbreak of zombie like behavior that appeared to be spreading. We had to calculate how long we thought the outbreak would take to reach us at Harvey Mudd. We had to choose get away vehicles and justify our choices. We had to calculate how far we would be able to drive after seeing how much gas was in the vehicles we had stolen (randomly assigned). And then we had to use google maps to stake out a location that provided us with some safety as well as access to some resources that we may need.  Here is my group hard at work.

This is the link to the Wiki with all materials that Hedge and John used in our morning sessions. Here also are all of the tweets that we hashtagged out of our sessions (#TMZombie) including this amazing video of Timon as our team tried to determine the speed of an average Zombie.

Another team actually found a web resources indicating they move at 2 mph so our results were pretty close. ;)

I have to admit, I found myself getting really caught up in our mission and had to remind myself that I was supposed to be exploring ways to integrating this into my class. But I think that speaks well of the natural engagement level of these activities. The real take-away came from a lot of side conversations about how this could be implemented...cross-curricular connections as well as additional ideas for lessons based on the theme. I immediately texted my new grade level team who seemed enthusiastic to hear more about it. I've tried to start gathering ideas into a more organized set of information that we can use as brainstorming seeds for a cross-curricular end of the year adventure. Here is the link to that document which may (hopefully will) take a more cohesive organized form at some point.  

Take Away #2 - Contextualizing Nekkid Problems

blblab SMP 2

Take Away #3 - WorkStations

This is the link to the materials that Sadie and Mitzi used in their session. This includes materials for Fraction-Decimal-Percentage Track.  

Take Away #4 - New Ways to Utilize Estimation 180
Estimation 180 tasks in various ways (number lines with gallery walks, etc.)

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